College Football Predictions

Prior to the start of the college football season for 2012, we will post our preseason predictions for each conference, picking each game. We will put up one prediction per day.

For now, refer to our college football predictions for the 2011 season by clicking here.

ACC Atlantic – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

ACC Coastal – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

Big 12 – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

Big East – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

Big Ten Leaders – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

Big Ten Legends – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

CUSA East – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

CUSA West – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

Independents – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

MAC East- Preseason; Six Week Check Up

MAC West – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

Mountain West – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

PAC-12 North – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

PAC-12 South – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

SEC East – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

SEC West – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

Sun Belt – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

WAC – Preseason; Six Week Check Up

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