The BCS Playoffs Are On!



On Tuesday, June 26th, 2012, the newest addition to college football was given effect. The new playoff system is a go! The meeting was held in Washington, D.C., where the presidential oversight committee and 11 conference commissioners took mere hours to agree on this new system. It will change how the National Champion in College Football (FBS) is chosen. The system will start with the 2014 season, and will be a four-team playoff.  The Number One team will play Number Four, and Number Two will play Number Three. So if Number One and Number Three win, those two teams will head-to-head in the National Championship game.

The semifinals will be played at the six BCS bowl sites, with a rotation of the National Championship game among the different sites (whichever site bids the most to host the game in a particular year). The semifinal games will be played on New Years Eve or New Years Day. The National Championship game will be played on the first Monday in January, up to six days after the semis. There is new term called the “access bowls” which are the Sugar, Fiesta, and Rose Bowls. This will allow teams that play in these particular bowl games to become potential bids for the playoffs. “Automatic qualifiers” will have no entry to the new system as of right now. That will include teams from the Mountain West, MAC, and WAC Conferences, to name a few.

There will be a brand new committee to take charge of who will be in the playoffs, which will give all teams the opportunity to participate in the system. This committee will look at everything, including team record, strength of schedule, and head-to-head competitions with potential playoff teams during the regular season.

There are a couple topics that need to be discussed further, like how revenue will be distributed and the new system’s name. The playoffs will be contracted through the 2025 season.


If the playoffs were held last season here is what it would have looked like:


Top Ranked Teams:

1.LSU vs 4.Stanford

2.Alabama vs 3.Oklahoma State.


Top 4 Conference Champs:

1.LSU vs 4.Wisconsin

2.Oklahoma vs 5.Oregon


Conference Champs At-Large:

1.LSU vs 10.Wisconsin

2.Alabama vs 3.Oklahoma State

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