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A few weeks back, Before Visiting the Sportsbook was contacted by the website Wholesale Keychain.  This company sells, you guessed it, keychains!  However, what made it of interest to us was that the keychains are all sports-based, featuring logos from some of your favorite teams.  Wholesale Keychain asked BVTSB if we’d like to receive a few free keychains, in exchange for a product review here on our site.  As a group of individuals committed to fostering strong, professional relationships with others in the sporting world, we happily agreed.  I received the keychains recently, and I am now all set to give you, the readers, honest reviews of all three.


1. Detroit Tigers Bottle Opener Keychain


Okay, yes, this one was for me.  Of course, I’m a Tigers fan.  That’s not news.  However, I especially liked it because it pulls double duty as a bottle opener.  About five years ago, I received a University of Michigan keychain bottle opener as a white elephant Christmas gift.  It is perhaps the only white elephant gift that has ever been put to use in the history of time.  That thing has sat faithfully on my keyring since 2007, and I cannot tell you how many times it has come in handy.  I wouldn’t even think about owning keys without a bottle opener on them ever again.  Of course, five years has weathered my Michigan keychain, so I wanted to put it away in a “fond memories” box, and bring in a rookie for the 2013 season.

The stainless steel body is a great point.  I know, it seems like it would be on anything like this, but you get a lot of flimsy plastic bodies for some of these keychain openers.  This one is not going to bend, it is not going to break, and it is going to get the job done.  What’s more, the Tigers logo is not simply painted on the body.  It has a clear coating over the top, to prevent scratching and fading.  That’s another thing about my Michigan bottle opener.  There is no more indication that it has anything to do with U of M.  It is just a big yellow block now.

Overall, a great keychain, and I’m glad to have it with me for at least another five years to come.

2. Atlanta Braves Leather Insignia Keychain


Just as the Tigers keychain was for me, this one is for my fellow BVTSB owner and administrator, Todd.  He is (for some reason) an Atlanta Braves fan, even though he lives just a few hours in any direction from Chicago, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.  But, to each their own, I say, and the Braves are his own.  So now he can show his support with this slick keychain.

It is a pretty cool design.  The Braves logo itself is metal, with a rubbery plastic coating over the insignia (to prevent scratching).  The leather body is a nice touch, and easily classes up your average keychain.  Where as mine says “I like to drink beers, and I’m too lazy to unscrew a cap”, Todd’s says “Hey, I have class, and I look good in leather.”  It’s simple, yet sophisticated, and certainly a nice little trinket for the Braves fan in your life.


3. Detroit Red Wings Stainless Steel Keychain


Finally, we have this neat little keychain for the hockey fan in your life.  Even though hockey as we know it may never return again (and even though the Red Wings are currently being fined obscene amounts of money for being fed up with the B.S. CBA negotiations), it’s still a nice keychain to have.  The stainless steel body is painted white, while the Red Wings logo is covered in the same rubbery coating as the Braves keychain.  It’s a simple little way to show some team spirit, while not forcing you into the depths of superfandom from whence you will never return.


Final Thoughts

These were nice additions to the BVTSB Swag Vault.  (Note to self, copyright phrase “Swag Vault”.)  Thank you to the ladies and gentlemen over at Wholesale Keychain for giving us this opportunity to partner up and help spread a little marketing love around.  Now, one final thing:

We here at BVTSB are GIVING AWAY THE RED WINGS KEYCHAIN to one lucky reader!  That’s right, one of you will be walking away with this keychain in hand.  This contest will run from Wednesday, September 26th until Wednesday, October 3rd.  That’s just one week!  On the 3rd, we will contact one lucky reader for information to send you this keychain.

How to Enter: This is simple.  We’re looking to get our readers involved more here on the site.  So, if you would like to be included in the running for the keychain, all you have to do is post a comment on any article on the site.  Two conditions: 1) the comment must provide some sort of insight into the team/game/stats/betting information/whatever that you’re commenting on (trolls, and casual comments will not be considered), and 2) you must include the phrase “Keychain Contest Entry” at the end of your comment.

That’s it!  Good luck to you all, faithful readers.  We will let you know in one week who is our lucky contest winner!


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