Gamecocks’ Outback Bowl Preparation

By: Madison Tucker


While the rest of Gamecock nation gets ready for the holidays, the football team continues to practice for the New Years bowl game against Michigan. Coach Steve Spurrier was quoted as saying, “We’ve had several decent practices and Connor Shaw is healthy.”  On Wednesday, December 19, Shaw was running around as best as he probably has all month.  He is healthy, and Dylan Thompson is ready if needed.

Even though Thompson is not going to be starting the January 1st game, he is still enthusiastic about the call. The coaches have stated that both Connor Shaw and Dylan Thompson will be playing in the bowl game. Thompson said during Thursday‘s practice, “ I felt we’re in great hands with Connor and great hands with myself.”

The team and coaches keep reviewing the tapes on the Wolverines, and have recognized that Michigan has a strong defensive front.  “We’ll really have to play well to give ourselves a chance at beating them,” Coach Spurrier said

The Gamecocks continued practicing until Saturday, December 22, before taking a few days off for Christmas break. Once they return, the team will be flying to Tampa, and will start practice on December 27th at Jefferson High School.


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