Gamecocks Grab Win #3

By: Madison Tucker


Saturday’s game against UAB was not only South Carolina’s third win of the season, but also Coach Steve Spurrier’s 200th career collegiate victory. Although, Spurrier is not making a fuss over it like all the fans are. He has other wins from the NFL that he personally adds to his win total.  Spurrier is also 46-0 all time against teams outside of the BCS conferences. With this win on Saturday, he becomes the 71st college football coach in history to achieve this milestone.

Junior running back Marcus Lattimore set a record this weekend, too, when he rushed for 85 yards on 12 carriers and scored for the Gamecocks in the first half. Lattimore tied George Rogers and Harold Green for most rushing touchdowns. Lattimore also became only the fifth player in school history to score over 200 career points.

The Gamecocks have now moved up to 8/9 in the National Polls with this win against UAB. The Gamecocks are also on a 7-game winning streak, tied for 2nd longest in school history.

Connor Shaw completed his first passing touchdown, connecting with Sanders in the second quarter. Unfortunately, Shaw once again hurt his throwing arm and had to leave the game. Dylan Thompson was put in after that, throwing for 177 yards and two touchdowns. With Shaw’s inclusion in the Missouri game questionable, some are asking whether or not he should be the starter at all.

When the game began Saturday, the Gamecocks did not look like they were ready to play, allowing UAB to control the game early and put a field goal up on the board. But it didn’t take long thereafter for USC to take over. When you look at the final score of 46-6, it looks like USC had nothing to worry about. But as they played, Coach Spurrier got more and more aggravated by his team.

The Gamecocks started off slow, and even though the defense was strong, the secondary could use some work if they hope to come out ahead against Missouri this week. The Gamecocks are overflowing with talent, but they seem to be having trouble executing come game time. The punter needs to be more consistent, the running backs need better coverage, and, no matter what the situation, the team must be able to make field goals. USC needs to stay consistent if they’re going to remain on this path to success.

Missouri will be the second conference opponent for USC. Catch the action on September 22 at 3:30 pm EST. Fans will look to see if they can stay strong throughout the game, or if they will let the first three wins go to their heads. Everyone will be waiting nervously to see if Shaw will be able to play in Saturday’s game, or if Dylan Thompson is going to play again. At least everyone watching can rest assured that Thompson has what it takes to lead the Gamecocks to victory!


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