Gamecocks Finally Fall

By: Madison Tucker

Gamecock nation is in an uproar after losing to LSU in Saturday night’s game. The Bengals were favored to win by three points in Baton Rouge, LA, though.

LSU has now won 22 games at home. Coming off of a loss to Florida, LSU needed a win to help with morale. The crowed was electrified the whole night, and some say it was the reason Carolina did not fare well away from home.

To start the game, LSU’s offense seemed to struggle against South Carolina’s defense.  Soon, though, it seemed LSU found its grove, and kept moving the ball down the field. LSU drove to the South Carolinas two-yard line, but the Gamecocks held the Tigers there. A false start by LSU moved them back five yards, and the Bengals could only manage a 23-yard field goal to take the lead with 5:32 left in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, South Carolina’s Jimmy Legree got in front of Zach Mettenbergers pass for a 70-yard interception. South Carolina’s offense took advantage, and Connor Shaw passed to Ace Sanders for a touchdown with 14:54 left in the half. The Gamecock defense held strong, but LSU seemed to break right through.

Going into halftime, Coach Steve Spurrier said, “We can’t get the ball through.” The old ball coach also admitted to not calling very good plays for the first half. LSU started the third quarter off strong. At the 11:13 mark the Tigers had a 69-yard drive and a touchdown delivered by Hill, giving LSU the lead. South Carolina fought hard, though, and late in the third, Shaw had a 30-yard pass to Justice Cunningham that set the Gamecocks up at LSU’s two-yard line. Lattimore then delivered the touchdown for Carolina giving, them the lead back with 5:11 left to play in the quarter.

As the fourth quarter started, LSU scored a 20-yard field goal to bring the score to 14-13. Connor Shaw made mistakes in the quarter, which were capped by other Carolina players missing the ball, and helped LSU to gain possession.

Shaw had a pass intercepted by Eric Reid for a 29-yard return, which helped to set up LSU’s Alleman for the field goal, pulling LSU into the lead with 6:37 left in the game.

LSU then picked up a 50-yard touchdown to give the team a 23-14 lead with 5:03 left on the clock. South Carolina got some momentum back with a first-and-goal, which set up a touchdown at the 1:49 mark. The Gamecocks then tried a three-and-out, but Craig Loston intercepted the pass to guarantee LSU the win over the Gamecocks.

South Carolina now falls to No. 9, while LSU rises to No.6. The next match up is against No. 3 Florida on their home field. South Carolina needs to step up their away game if they hope to have any chance against Florida on Saturday.


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