Gamecocks Come Up Big

By: Madison Tucker

South Carolina pulled through with another win on October 6 at home. The fans were electrified to see the No. 6 Gamecocks take on the No. 5 Georgia Bulldogs. Both teams played in front of 84,200 people, which set a crowd record for Williams-Brice Stadium.

In the first quarter, the Gamecocks came out strong, scoring three touchdowns against Georgia. The Bulldogs couldn’t seem to get it together throughout the quarter.  Going into the second quarter, the defense was strong but the offense was lacking. The Gamecocks never allowed the Bulldogs to score, but they ended the quarter without putting anything more on the board themselves. Coach Steve Spurrier was quoted as saying, “We pooped around in the second quarter.”

To start the third, Coach Spurrier seemed to be playing it safe. D.L. Moore had the big play of the game, rushing for 62 yards. This helped to set Lattimore up for a touchdown, with 8:30 left on the clock. Then, with 4:00 left in the third, Georgia went for it and it was incomplete. Clowney went “airborne”, coming for Murray.  Coach Spurrier showed why he is undefeated in the final minutes. Spurrier tricked the Bulldogs into jumping offsides, giving South Carolina a first down. Georgia seemed to lack any willingness to play in Saturday’s game. Connor Shaw scored South Carolina’s only touchdown of the fourth at the 6:17, bringing the score to 35-0.

Georgia finally scored with 1:55 left to play in the game. The defense held strong after that, finishing the day with South Carolina ahead, 35-7.

The Gamecocks have beaten Georgia three years in a row. South Carolina now ranks No. 3, and will be running “The Gauntlet” on October 13 at 7:00 EST against LSU. After the game, Coach Spurrier said, “We might have a really good team, but we don’t know yet.” The Gamecocks are now 6-0 for the season, and look to stay strong throughout the rest of their games.


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