Gamecocks Bye Week

By: Madison Tucker


With a much needed week off, the Gamecocks are looking to finish the season strong. With only four games left to play, and missing one of their key players on the field, everyone is looking to Connor Shaw and Kenny Miles to show that they can carry the team through.

In practice on Wednesday, Coach Steve Spurrier will take some heat for benching Connor Shaw in Florida. The head Coach said “it was just what Connor needed to figure out what he needed to do better.”

Connor Shaw suffered a sprained foot, and was placed in a boot. On Monday, Shaw was ready to get back on the field for practice leading up to the Arkansas game.

With the loss of Marcus Lattimore, the rest of the players have started stepping up their game on the practice field.

South Carolina is now ranked No. 8 in the BCS standings, which is how they started the season. Coach Steve Spurrier was quoted saying, “Not a great year, not a bad year either, just short of a good year.”

South Carolina’s next game is against Arkansas at Williams-Brice on November 10 at 12 EST. The Gamecocks are optimistic about their final games, even with the loss of Lattimore still weighing on them.


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