Rapid Reaction – Colorado vs. Fresno State

By: Travis Halopoff


It might be official: Colorado is the worst team in NCAA Division IA football.

The loss to Sacramento State was worrisome.  Fresno State was favored by 16 points coming in.  There wasn’t much hope or love to be had from the media, sports books, or former players.

But 16 points is one thing.  Fifty-five is something else.  Oh, and not only was fifty-five the amount of points the Buffs were finally buried by; it was the amount of points scored by the Bulldogs in the first half. 

There are absolutely NO positives to be had from this game.  Colorado must seriously evaluate how much embarrassment it can take after the 69-14 loss.

The negatives are so numerous they are impossible to list coherently.  I hope what follows emerges intelligibly.  This rant had a few days to boil…

My god.  These are supposed to be Division I athletes.  They are expected to come to college with the ability to perform their jobs at a somewhat proficient level.  They are NOT supposed to miss every f***ing tackle.  Two 94+ -yard plays in the first quarter?!  Not even 94-yard drives—these were single plays where the coverage/tackling/positioning was so atrocious that the amazing defensive field position we were able to muster meant nothing. (And when I say nothing, I do not mean some sort of hyperbole where the end-all is that they were able to score anyways.  No, by nothing, I mean that we could not have had a better chance to at least force them into a—wait for it—THREE PLAY DRIVE!  Thirty-three yards-per-play would have done wonders for our morale, as opposed to the full-length field touchdowns.)  In hindsight, the only semi-cool moment was seeing Robbie Rouse get a standing ovation after taking over the number one career rushing spot for Fresno State—on the aforementioned 94-yard run.  His mother was mic’d up and understandably emotional (Rouse had a difficult childhood).  He just could have chosen a different game to rack up 144 rushing yards (plus 4 receptions for 42 yards!) in the first half.

David Carr’s little bro Derek looked like his brother did in college.  He stayed in the pocket and threw efficiently (17-22) on his way to 300 yards and 5 first-half touchdowns.

At least the Buffs were consistent.  It wasn’t just our rushing defense that was embarrassed, or our already pitiful pass defense.  It was the whole shebang.  But our defense—and wait for this—was not even as bad as their counterparts on the opposite side of the ball.  The D was at least able to muster up a first-quarter pick and a force a fumble on a punt return.  However, CU’s offense was only able to respond with a penalty-plagued three and out.

And speaking of penalties…

CU saw a fourth down stop nullified due to a blow to Bulldog Punter Andrew Shapiro’s head.  I would’ve wrote down the defender’s name, but I had already stopped physically recording stupid plays after a drive that saw two false starts and a holding call … on three consecutive plays.  The false starts were as consistent as the incompletions, which meant at least two a drive it seemed.

Embry promised that Connor Wood would get a chance to show his stuff this game.  He looked a lot like Jordan Webb (I was actually hoping he’d be able to play close to much maligned former QB Cody Hawkins’s level; that’s how bad the passing game was).  Wood went 5-14 for 47 yards and 2 INTs.  Webb played a bit better—5-13, 85 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT’s.

The second half of the game is barely worth mentioning, except to say that Fresno State’s second teamers only outscored CU’s starters 14-7.  It was a good ol’ fashioned massacre … and to think, we still have to play UCLA and USC.

There has to be some hope for the future; some way to assuage the average Buffalo.

Hmmm.  I guess one could blame the performance on CU’s youth.  They have eight seniors on the roster—tied for the NCAA low.  That excuse holds some merit, until one considers that Alabama has nine.

Hey, at least there weren’t more pick sixes?

Next week’s super hopeful prediction:

The books set the line so highly in Washington State’s favor, CU players take notice; they proceed to play to “beat the spread!”  It becomes their rallying cry and CU becomes the first team to go winless and still beat the spread in nine straight games.  But seriously, any line below CU +24 is not worth looking at.  The O/U is also a dangerous one.  The Buffs are so inconsistent (well, they are consistently bad, but I refuse to believe that the Fresno State game will become the norm) that they have the capability to lose by 2 TDs and still keep under 56.


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