Rapid Reaction – Colorado vs. Colorado State

By: Travis Halopoff

The final scoreboard read 22-17.  Rams.

Being upset in one of the few games where you can be upset is definitely considered a disappointment.

Being upset by a hated rival that you have historically beat up on?  A disaster.

The Buffaloes failed to spoil Alabama transplant Jim McElwain’s coaching debut, and will enter the regular season 0-1.  The record is the least of their worries.

CU’s offensive line was absolutely atrocious.  Jordan Webb was sacked five times and hurried on numerous occasions.  When he did have time, Colorado’s receivers made a point of not catching the ball (aside from Tyler McCulloch’s second quarter one-hander in the end zone—which was followed a drive later by a dead-pan drop).  Webb finished a paltry 22 of 41 for 187 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 1 prayer for Paul Richardson’s knee to magically heal.

CSU was also not necessarily magnificent on offense.  Garret Grayson was only 14 of 21 for 173 yards and 2 touchdowns.  The Rams did gain 125 yards on the ground, although a fourth of that occurred on one fourth-quarter run.  For the most part, neither team could sustain drives.

Whether the above problems will be indicative of the rest of CU’s season remains to be seen.  Give it a few weeks—CU will be sure to look back on this game despairingly when PAC-12 play comes around and the victories are few and far between.  They got outcoached and outplayed, and they gave this one away.  At least they know it.

The only positive?

Cynical CU fans like myself who took the Rams at +6 ½.

Ugh.  Anyways, last week is done, and it is time to start fresh.  Next up is Sacramento State.  I will be posting a preview of the game later this week, once the line comes out.  No point in making too many predictions until then.

But for now:

This game is a difficult one to judge, as I know so little about the Hornets.  What I do know is that they upset Oregon State 29-28 a year ago in Corvallis and they are coming off a 49-19 loss to New Mexico St.

The Hornets’ Garrett Safron threw for 308 yards and two touchdowns in that loss, but the team seemed to be sunk by a paltry 3-15 third down showing.  They also gave up 367 yards through the air to New Mexico State’s Andrew Manley on only 14 completions, so perhaps this game will give Webb and the Buff’s aerial attack a second chance to gain some confidence.  I predict a Colorado victory, but it remains to be seen how the books line up after CU’s week one performance.


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