Ravens Taste Victory in Game One

By: Clarissa Beckles


With Joe Flacco starting his 5th season with the Baltimore Ravens, he’s under a lot of pressure to be great. On September 10th, the Baltimore Ravens took on the Cincinnnati Bengals, in what proved to be a blow-out game!
Joe Flacco stepped it up this time around, really showing his strength in a major way that undoubtedly stunned onlookers everywhere.

I, myself, am a huge Ravens fan, and I loved how the team as a whole played. Between the offense and defense, they have one outstanding team this year. A few new guys I am really loving right now are Jacoby Jones and Justin Tucker, two great additions from the 2012 Draft. There’s some definite Super Bowl potential.

First drive ended up 4th and 11, and Justin Tucker nailed a 46-yard field goal to put three on the board. Andy Dalton played a pretty awful game, rarely completing a pass. Cincinnati didn’t score until the 2nd quarter, when Nugent kicked a 34-yard field goal.

The no-huddle tactic seemed to be working for Baltimore, throwing off the Bengals’ game. It really makes a team think a lot harder, and worry about what they can’t prepare for. Also, it means the defensive team can’t sub anyone else in who may be better-equipped to handle a certain type of play.

By the end of the 2nd quarter, the score was 17-10, Baltimore. On a 4th and 1 drive in the third quarter, the Bengals scored what would be their last points for the night. A single field goal kicked by Nugent left the score 17-13. From then on, it was all Baltimore.

On 3rd and 8, Joe Flacco handed off a short pass to Pitta, who ran 10 yards for a Touchdown. Justin Tucker then
came in for the extra point, and it was smooth sailing for the Baltimore Ravens the remainder of the way. Ed Reed even took hold of the NFL’s all-time leader in interception return yards with 1,497. The Final score was 44-13, and an incredible performance for Baltimore. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this awesomely improved offense as the season continues.

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