Ravens Lead the AFC North

By: Clarissa Beckles


On September 23rd, the Baltimore Ravens took on the New England Patriots in what was sure to be a revenge match for the ages. With all the predictions on the game, everyone thought that New England would win, and so did I, for a hot second. Just by a field goal or thereabouts, but win nonetheless. Boy was I wrong!

The Baltimore Ravens stunned and amazed critics everywhere. A kick made by new comer Justin Tucker gave the Ravens the 31-30 victory over the Pats, the same night their arch-nemesis the Pittsburgh Steelers took a 34-31 loss to the Oakland Raiders (which was the happiest news I received all day). I knew my team had it in them! They’re playing stronger than ever!

The current record for the Baltimore Ravens is 2-1, with the Bengals in 2nd, Steelers in 3rd, and the Browns rounding out the AFC North standings. Undoubtedly, the strongest offense and defense would go to the Ravens. Flacco is flawless with his executions, Ed Reed grabs the interceptions, and one young man who continues to impress me, Torrey Smith. Remember that name, it’s going down in history! With the Ravens up to face Cleveland on Thursday night, I look forward to another win!

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