Big East Bowl Participant Payouts: Since 1999

by Maize_in_Spartyland



(Sorted by average amount brought in by a school, per season)

(Individual bowl game amounts were compiled using figures provided by


First, a couple notes . . .

  • For the 2005-2006 bowl season, West Virginia’s bowl payout was listed at $14-17 million. They defeated Georgia, so we will use the $17 million figure.
  • For the 2006-2007 bowl season, Louisville’s bowl payout was listed at $14-17 million. They defeated Wake Forest, so we will use the $17 million figure.


The Big East has long been considered the weakest of the major six conferences. It began primarily as a basketball conference, with half the members not playing FBS football in the conference. Since the inception of the league as a football conference, Miami (FL), Virginia Tech, Boston College, and, now, West Virginia have departed; Cincinnati, Louisville, and South Florida have replaced them. Temple was invited back in for 2012, after being asked to leave, while Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Rutgers have remained constants, but that will change in a few years, with the Panthers and Orange departing for the ACC.


The Big East is set to expand in 2013, with the addition of Boise State (football only), Houston, Memphis, San Diego State (football only), SMU, and UCF. Navy will join in 2015. The Big East may need to replace additional teams, with the Big 12 eyeing Cincinnati and Louisville. It remains to be seen whether the Big East will be viable as more than a basketball conference.


Miami (FL) has brought the most into the Big East, based on four straight BCS bowl appearances. The Hurricanes haven’t been in the conference since the 2003-2004 season. Temple, on the other hand, has contributed nothing, the reason why the Owls were kicked out of the conference.


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