2012 College Football Preseason Bowl Predictions

By: Maize_in_Spartyland


Bowl game selection won’t occur until the end of the regular for many teams. Some won’t hear back until after the conference title games, as BCS bowls will be on the line. Below you can see the teams expected to be in each bowl game. Keep in mind, based on my predicted records for each team, there will be six teams who will be bowl eligible, but are expected to not be invited.


There is a slight change to the bowl invite rules this year. Teams who have at least six wins, with one or no FCS wins, or seven wins, with two FCS wins, will still have priority to a bowl invite over lesser teams. Teams with six wins, two of which are against FCS teams, will be next in line. Finally, teams with five wins who are in the top five in academic progress rate (APR) will be considered should any spots be available.


Wondering who is bowl eligible? Check out our conference and division pages, which can be found here.


2012 Preseason College Football Bowl Projections

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