Staff Picks: NFL Playoffs (Results)

None of our staff members correctly predicted the Super Bowl matchup, but who could have predicted the Giants knocking off the top two seeds on the road? One of us, overpaidluckeyes, actually had the Giants in the NFC Championship. Seven of the ten of us had New England in the Super Bowl, while all of us at least had them in the AFC Championship. Overpaidluckeyes and Detroit Larry did the best, correctly predicting three of the four teams that would play in the conference championships. Legallymaize, maizeinthebay, mgoroo, and zigzag all struggled, only having New England in the conference championships and missing the other three teams.

Because the Super Bowl isn’t until February 5th, we’ll take a week off and return with our Super Bowl Staff Picks next week. Want to pick the Super Bowl winner against us? Just email us your pick at, and let us know what you want us to identify you as!


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