ESPN Staffers Against BVTSB Staffers – Who Wins? Up to the Sweet 16

Regardless of whether you know anything about college basketball or not, chances are you filled out a NCAA Tournament Bracket. The story is, those who know the least about college basketball tend to do the best. So let’s put that theory to the test. How would the BVTSB staff matchup against ESPN College Basketball Experts?

We are using the scoring system of 1-2-4-8-16-32, skipping the First Four games. Besides the listed point totals for each bracket, we have the Final Four listed for each ESPN and BVTSB staffer. Each college basketball expert is listed in orange. As you will notice, just because someone is a college basketball expert doesn’t mean that person does the best in the NCAA Tournament – quite the contrary.

The first image will list 20 select ESPN staffers, in order of point total, with the second listing all BVTSB staffers with their order of point total. The third image is the combined ranking of BVTSB and ESPN staffers. Is Team BVTSB leading Team ESPN to date?

ESPN Staff Rankings


BVTSB Staff Rankings

Combined Staff Rankings

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