The Big “T”-rade


After a season of downfall and comebacks, the Denver Broncos have decided to go with new blood and a new leader. Number 18 has a new home, and Peyton Manning has made his choice. At first, Manning cut down the field to four teams to play for, before choosing Denver. There is still speculation on how Manning might do in Mile High Stadium. His recent neck surgeries still come into play on whether he will be able to take hits. After the papers were signed and the press conference was over, this question now becomes what happens to Tim Tebow?

The Denver Broncos have decided to cut the strings with the former Heisman Trophy winner for a second round draft pick. Bronco legend John Elway said, “You hate some decisions you have to make in football. But that doesn’t prevent you from making them. You do what’s best for your team. But that doesn’t take away the heartache. You’re dealing with human beings. It hurts,” (Source: Denver Post, Mark Kiszla).

Elway, a Hall of Famer and two-time Super Bowl Champ, thinks highly of the young QB, however some are saying that the legend killed “Tebow-mania” as soon as Manning signed on. Elway was a big influence on Manning, which brought the 35-year-old to the Rocky Mountains.

The next step for Tebow is now set in the Big Apple. Will he be the back up to Mark Sanchez, or be the new starter? That and other questions will be answered in the season ahead.

The Jets had some great success in the past few seasons, getting to the AFC title game but losing to then Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts. The 2010 season saw the Jets lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the title game as well. This past season the team acquired L.T. (LaDainian Tomlinson), Jason Taylor (for the 2010 season), and Santonio Holmes, just to name a few.  Now Tim Tebow has joined forces with Rex Ryan (Jets head coach) and the Jets.

Last season Tebow-mania took the world by storm, and it was due to the comeback that led the Denver Broncos to beat the New York Jets. People started to believe. Everywhere you looked, people were doing the “Tebow-ing” (down on one knee, putting you elbow to your knee and your fist to your forehead). It became an overnight sensation. Tebow’s new team and some fans are very questionable about Tebow-mania coming to their city. Ex-New York Jets QB and Hall of Famer Joe Namath says, “I do not agree with this situation. I can’t agree with it. I just think it’s a publicity stunt. I really think it’s wrong. I can’t go for it,” (Source:  Is he mad at Tebow, or the Jets? I would say a little of both.

This move will either be the Godsend for Tebow, or the crash and burn of the New York Jets and Tebow-mania.


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