Why Life is More Important Than Football


Hello sports fans. I want to run out of bounds here and talk about something else. This is more important to us than the game of football. On Friday, March 2nd, a group of sorority sisters from Bowling Green State University packed there bags and got up early to go spend spring break in the Dominican Republic. Their fun plans were cut tragically short. Heading to the Detroit Metro Airport, the first of two cars carrying five Alpha Xi Delta members saw a light coming at them on I-75, just North of Bowling Green. This light turned out to be a wrong way driver traveling southbound on the northbound side. The first car swerved to miss the wrong way driver, but the second car was unable to do the same.  69-year-old Winifred Lein struck Christina Goyett’s car head on. This massive impacted killed Christina Goyett, 19, and her two friends, Rebekah Blakkolb, 20, and Sarah Hammond, 21. The other two young ladies in the car, Kayla Somoles, 19, and Angelica Mormile, 19, are still in critical condition at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo. Winifred Lein was also killed on the scene. The first car went back to the crash site, and Lieutenant Dean Laubacher said those young women were quickly taken by troopers from the scene to the sorority house.

For those of you who are not familiar with BGSU, it is a MAC school and it is a very close-knit university, and one of the closest universities I have ever seen. I have a brother who goes there, and he knew the girls that were killed. This accident hit the entire student body at BGSU. Even though I did not know them, it hit me too. I never cry, ever. That Friday morning, I did, when they showed the crash and pictures of the young women. My heart was cut. My brother was also hurt. I really wish I had been there to stop the accident.

They have not released the autopsy report of Winifred Lein. Toxicology was not ruled out either. Troopers ruled out wrong way signs, as there were plenty of those. Lein traveled for seven miles the wrong way before hitting Goyett’s car.

If you played any sport or you think you are invincible, you’re not. This kind of accident could happen to you or a loved one. All of these girls were just trying to have fun. They were doing nothing wrong.  Do me a favor: Hug your wife or your husband, your sister or brother, your girlfriend or boyfriend, and all of your friends. These girls did. God wanted some beautiful angels with him. He got three of them. My heart goes out to their families and friends. I wish I had been there to stop the accident. When you say good-bye, it could be your last.


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