Miguel Cabrera’s Face Gets Rocked

Spring Training Injury Report

In case you’re out-of-market, don’t watch ESPN, or just don’t particularly care (I’m talking to you, Royals fans), Miguel Cabrera was trying to field a ball at third base Monday afternoon, and a nasty hop kicked the ball up and into Cabby’s face.  The ball hit his sunglasses and right cheek, causing the glasses to cut his cheek below his right eye, and ultimately fracturing his right orbital bone.  Blood was streaming down his face, and he was forced to leave the game.

The dark clouds started appearing immediately, as fans screamed bloody murder (except Inge fans, who screamed with joy) and the media blew everything as out of proportion as is humanly possible.  The worst of the cries was that he’d be out for Opening Day, and that the Tigers were in dire straights before the season had even begun.

I wish the media would just stop the doom and gloom.  Sure, it sells e-papers, but I think we could all use a little truth once in a while.  Even if it’s boring, the truth is better than the bleak picture of the world ending.  So here’s the truth: The injury will put him out of action for a couple weeks, tops.  He’s still on track to be playing on Opening Day.  He’s still going to be a great asset to the team.

I would imagine that he will start the season as the Designated Hitter, though.  I’ve actually suffered the same injury that Cabrera did (only the ball caused my glasses to cut my face up around the eyebrow, rather than the cheek).  He’ll have a black eye swollen more or less shut for about a week.  Compound that with the fracture, and he’ll probably start the season as the DH—a position where he can see, but where he won’t have to worry about doing any unnecessary damage to his face.  But that does mean he’ll be available for Opening Day.  After all, when was the last time a baseball player needed his face to play the game?

The point is that Cabrera will be fine in a hurry.  The Tigers’ management isn’t even putting him on the Disabled List, even though he will likely be out of full action for at least 15 days.  That alone should show just how minimal this injury is.  After the swelling goes down (probably around the end of the week), I’m sure he’ll be taking batting practice.  He may even get a chance to DH in games next week, depending on the situation.  Either way, he’s fine.  So let’s all stop worrying that the worst has happened.


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