Meyer v. Fickell

In the start of the 2011 Football season, The Ohio State Buckeyes selected LB coach D.C. Luke Fickell to take over the spot of Jim Tressel. The questions started coming. How is Luke Fickell going to over come the hoopla from the offseason? Can Luke Fickell take control of this team? Who is the QB? The biggest question of all… Can he win? With all the success from the Jim Tressel era, would he be able to top that? Thats when more talk of a certain coach came into play. That coach was Urban Meyer.
     Urban Meyer an Ohio native, was an assistant grad student in the late 80’s for the Buckeyes. Meyer has had some of the greatest success as head coach in NCAA FB history. His first head coaching job came in his home state of Ohio. He took on the role of head guy at Bowling Green State University. He lead the Falcons to two winning seasons and a 17-6 record. He was 5-0 against BCS teams at BG. After the short two years at BG his job then took him to a small state of Utah. Meyer took the Utes to their first BCS game apperance in 04. They took on Walt Harris Pitt Panthers in the Fiesta Bowl. The game ended to be a slaughter of the Panthers. The final score was 35-7 Utes. Meyer left Utah with a 22-2 record. That great success landed him the job at as head coach for the Florida Gators. There Meyer lead the Gators to two National Titles, had a Heisman Trophy winner and 104-23 record in the matter of six years.
     With all the achievements that Urban Meyer had in the past, why would you want a defensive guy that has no experience as head coach?  Well you have to have trust, faith and heart. Luke Fickell has all of that. For someone to take over a team that is in its dark hours/days, that is the start of a strong leader. Fickell knows the system, he played for the Buckeyes and he coached with the Buckeyes. Yes Fickell has lost some games to Miami Fl., and Michigan State, but this last win against the Wisconson Badgers showed a huge amount of improvement. This team and these fans are believing in him. He is no Tressel but the way he shows confidence in his team, they will play their hearts out for Fickell. Could Meyer beat Miami Fl. or Michigan State? Yes probably. However how close would this team be with Urban Meyer coaching? What do I mean? This team has seen the good and the bad. They stuck together and never gave up on the team and the coaching staff. It took a little while to get them thinking but as the season went on they found what it means to be part of a Buckeye family. This was a big thanks to coach Luke Fickell who made them who they are now. Would they be this close with Meyer? No , they would be close but not this close. The question still remains Luke Fickell or Urban Meyer? With Meyer we would see happiness in fans eyes and possibly more National Titles. At this time you don’t bring Meyer to Columbus. You stay with Fickell. He is taking the team from being shot down in the offseason, turned them into winners and believers in themselves and the Buckeye program. Luke Fickell has lit our darkest hour and is the future for this program.

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