Buckeyes vs Wisconsin – October 29, 2011

What a game! What a Hail Mary! All heart! Is this a sign of better days to come for our Ohio State Buckeyes? The answer is yet to come. However, this was a great way to start for this team. A big question now that has people asking is Fickell or Meyer? We will get more into that a little later(another segment). The Buckeyes have had another great attendence record set at 105,511 fans. The 7th largest crowd saw the Buckeyes beat the Wisocnson Badgers.
     This game was suppose to be to see how good the Buckeyes passing got, since they had a bye last week and how the Badgers can rebound from last weeks loss at Michigan State! With the Leaders Division still up for grabs the Buckeyes proved to the Big Ten that they are team that is not to be messed with.
     The in the start of the game, in prime time, OSU came out in their newly Nike Pro Combat retro jerseys. The Badgers came in as a 7 and half point favorite againt the Bucks. The Buckeyes did not let that get them down. The first half, Wisconson started out with a 7-3 lead. from the pass of Wilson to Montee Ball  for a seven yard TD. The Buckeyes D had Wilson on his toes the entire night. As a matter of fact the Bucks held Wilson to 6 rush for minus 12 yards. The Badgers however beat the bucks in the air attack game with 253 yards. The Bucks had a total of 89 yards. The big pass play was 40 yards, which I will mention a lttle later. The Buckeyes did what they did best beat them from the ground. The Buckeyes racked up a total of 58 rushes for 268 yards of pounding the living daylights out of the Badgers D. The end of the third quarter saw OSU with a 17-14 lead. In the late fourth quarter the badgers fought off a two TD difference. With a 26-14 point lead the badgers started to get some momentum going there way. Wilson hit Jared Abbrederis with a 17 yard TD pass to cut in the lead 26-21. 3:48 to go in the game. The next Buckeye series hit rock bottom and had to punt away. The Silver Bullets had to put pressure on Wilson and the Badger O. It was the Badgers doing the pushing in the Buckeys D. Brent Bielema know his Badgers had enough fire power to get them the TD and the win. Indeed they did. Wilson hit Abbrederis with a 49 yard TD pass to have the Badgers lead to a one point lead. 27-26. The Badgers went for the two-point conversion and was successful. Wilson hit Ball for the two points. There was 1:18 to go in the game. This was plenty of time fo the young Bucks to set a a winning drive. Could they do it though? With a new coach, freshman qb and a pissed off Wisonson D? There was only one thing to do! With only 20 seconds left in the game,Braxton Miller scrambled out of the pocket, split Jack Mewhort(Buckeyes LG) and the badgers D linemen and stopped. He found a wide open Devin Smith in the end zone for the game winning TD pass!! The play was challenged to make sure that he was not across the line of scrimmage when he passed. Remember the whole body of the QB has to be past the line of scrimmage. The play stood as called, TD!  The rest of the 4th quarter the Silver Bullets stood strong and took the Badgers down.
     This shows how much this team has grown from week one to week nine. Yes the bye week did help with the passing game. Maybe not the greatest week to get them ready to pass, but it has helped out. The O is clicking very nicely and are getting there assignmnets done on the field. The D is the heart and soul of the is Buckeye team. They have been beaten, stabbed, cut down, and stepped on, yet the Silver Bullets show no hurt in them. A very young team and yet a very close team. Maybe the closest team in the History of Buckeye football.

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