Buckeyes at Illinois – October 15, 2011

Is Ohio State back? No, not yet. In fact it has alot more work to do before they get to be where they once were.
        Ohio State took on the Fighting ILLini of U of ILL. It was the return of “Boom” Herron, who was suspended in the beginning of the season . The Illini came in ranked 16th in the nation, with a 6-0 record. The Buckeyes came in with a 3-3 record. The last time Illini went to 7-0 was 1951,where as Ohio State has not went 3-4 since 2004.
    The game started with an Ohio State drive, which ended up with a field goal. With the return of “Boom” Herron, head coach Luke Fickell went to the ground and stayed with it. The Buckeyes racked up 51 rushes for 211 total yards on the ground. The Illini D was not coached on how to stop the run. Ron Zook came from a spread O team(Florida) which he brought with him to Illinois. Fickell went to the air only 5 times in which Freshman QB Braxton Miller completed only one. However, that one completed pass went for a touchdown to TE Jake Stoneburner. This was truly a Woody Hayes O! Run the ball down their throat!  Illini had on TD which came in the 4th quarter.  The TD was caught by Evan Wison The final score of the game was Ohio State 17 Illinois 7.
     This was a big win for the Ohio State program. No not the biggest win but for this team. Beating an undeafted team at their house. Did the return of Herron help? Yes but could they have won with out him? Yes! This team(OSU) came in with a chip on its shoulder from a heartbreaking loss to Nebraska last weekend. They played as a team and had heart. The Buckeyes will play in two weeks againts powerhouse Wisconsin Badgers in the Shoe at Night!

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