Buckeyes vs. Cornhuskers

By: Teddy Elliott


Columbus is buzzing after its 17-16 win against Michigan State last Saturday. In an offensive struggle for both sides, the Buckeye defense did something they hadn’t done all year—stop a solid running attack. The Spartans had no success rushing, and the Buckeyes’ secondary would bend but not break. The same couldn’t be said for Michigan State, as they gave up the deep pass play to Devin Smith to end the game.

This week fans are excited for their first and only night game of the season. Student tickets are selling for as much as $150 in anticipation for a game under the lights. Last year, Ohio State beat Wisconsin as fans rushed the field. This was by far the high point of the season. Buckeye fans are hoping for similar results, but without the disappointment that followed.

Braxton Miller will be in an interesting quarterback duel with Taylor Martinez, as both try to use their legs to open up the defense. It will likely be a tale of two quarterbacks, and which defense can neutralize the other first.

I anticipate both players will have over 100 yards, and each team will score a lot of points. The difference will likely come from a mistake in the passing game or a costly fumble late. Which quarterback can avoid the dreaded mistake?

I see Ohio State improving to 6-0, while riding out another hard fought victory, this time at home. The final will be 38-31 and fans will stay until the very last whistle. A late turnover from Martinez sends the Cornhuskers home searching for answers, as Ohio State rides out this winning streak until they meet Wisconsin near the end of the season.


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