Big East Week 5 Headlines

By: Eric Finelli


Big East looks solid


If you were asked before the season which conference out of the ACC, Big Ten, Big East, and the Pac-12 would have the most undefeated teams through Week 5, who would you have chosen? I would have gone with the Pac-12, but I would’ve been dead wrong. The Pac-12 has two undefeated teams left, the Big Ten has two (Ohio State is still bowl ineligible), and the ACC is down to one. Then there’s the Big East.

Here’s one thing all the experts and analysts who talk about college football didn’t see coming: three undefeated Big East teams through week five that are all ranked in the USA Today poll and are in the top 26 of the AP top 25. I’m not going to make too much out of it because the Big East doesn’t play the same competition that some teams in better conferences face, but you have to admit its impressive that through all the conference controversy the Big East has remained relatively strong, and that the teams that will be leaving are some the worst in the conference.



Rutgers ranked for the first time since 2010


Rutgers made big headlines when they got ranked last week at #24, and after their bye week they’ve moved up to #22 and are ranked in both polls for the first time since 2007. Nova put on a show in his game against Arkansas, throwing for nearly 400 yards and five touchdowns. A career day for Nova vaulted Rutgers into the top 25, and now we’ll have to see if they can keep it against a UConn team that has been known to cause them problems.



Louisville looks Vulnerable


Louisville looks very shaky right now. They have enormous potential, but have found themselves barely staying undefeated the past two weeks against sub-par teams. The good news, though, is that they won and are still bringing credibility to the Big East, which is needed desperately right now. A big matchup with Pitt awaits them following the bye week.



Is Pitt on the rise?


After losing to FCS team Youngstown State, everybody was writing off Pitt as one of the worst teams in the conference. That continued into the next week, when they were crushed by the Bearcats. Week 3 is when things turned around for the Panthers; they defeated then-ranked #13 Virginia Tech, and followed that win up with a dominant performance against Gardner-Webb. Pitt looks like a force in the Big East right now, and we’ll have to see how they play against a bit stiffer competition this week.


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